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Service, Quality, and Innovation.

Sigma also provides these additional engineering service solutions with highly qualified and experienced staff. We proudly utilize the latest technology and techniques to ensure that we will keep your project on time and save you money.


Owner's Representative

Sigma staff will serve as a single point of contact between contractors and designers; Representing the owner(s) at key meetings; Monitoring the project schedule and budget; Auditing quality assurance/quality control procedures.


Construction Management

Using various project management techniques Sigma staff will oversee the planning, design, and construction of your project, from its beginning to its end. Our focus is to control a project's time/delivery, cost, and quality.


Project Management / Coordination

Having multiple projects of the same type with perhaps the same project partners can be hectic and confusing. Let Sigma manage those projects with effective strategies that help keep the progress of these projects on track giving you the best possibility for success.

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Contract Administration

Processing, tracking and administrating contracts can be tedious at best. Sigma staff have the experience to manage/process dozens of contracts at once and keep your construction program on track.




Document control measures are imperative to the successful completion of the project.  Sigma staff have implemented and used various document control software with success over the past 15 years.  Being able to find information to effectively manage your project.


Constructability Reviews

Using highly qualified and experienced construction staff Sigma can find shortfalls in plans and bid packages prepared for your project that can save time and money during construction.  Our staff prides itself in their hands-on approach to this service by spending time on-the site with the bid documents to prepare a complete report highlighting missing or incorrect information. 


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