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Sigma Engineering Solutions, Inc. is a consulting engineering firm located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sigma’s diverse portfolio of consulting services includes aviation infrastructure, bridge design, construction engineering, engineered demolition, land development, and transportation planning and design.


Aviation Infrastructure

Sigma has a proven track record of providing design and construction support services for major airport infrastructure projects.


Bridge Design

Sigma’s bridge design experience assures that all projects, regardless of size or complexity, will conform to agency requirements.


Construction Engineering

Contractors rely on Sigma Engineering’s expertise to supply safe, accurate, and cost-effective construction plans and documents for their projects.


Construction Management

Owner’s demand value for their dollar when constructing a project and Sigma provides that value in the Construction Management services they provide to their public and private clients.


Engineered Demolition

Public and private entities across the United States and around the world have trusted Sigma to provide specialty engineered demolition services.


Structural Engineering

Sigma offers specialized design experience in areas of post tension concrete, structural steel, and wood frame structures.

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