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Sigma offers a wide range of capabilities AND stands ready to POSITION resources within 24 hours of a disaster


When disaster strikes, we're ready to help reestablish normality through reconstruction. Sigma's advance team of engineers and consultants are experts in post-disaster recovery. 

Post-Disaster Engineering Capabilities:

  • Accurate damage assessments

  • Detailed cost estimates

  • Agency coordination and facilitation

  • Long-term community recovery planning

  • Short- and long-term airport facility recovery planning

  • Rapid bridge design

  • Modular school replacement planning and design

  • Maintenance and operations facilities design

  • Warehouse design for repair or complete replacement


Sigma's disaster response team responds to the recovery needs of communities with engineering assessments and provide advisory services related to the long-term building strategy of the communities we work with. 

Our focus with this work is building the local capacity and ensuring that our client is provided with critical information needed to rebuild in a sustainable and resilient manner. 


  • Building design and inspection

  • Structural design in risk prone areas

  • Construction oversight

  • Infrastructure planning and design

  • Flood risk assessment 

Technicians at Work
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