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Joseph Farré


Mr. Farré brings more than 30 years of experience in the management, design and construction support of major structures and civil engineering projects throughout the United States. He has served as an associate vice president of one of the largest Civil Engineering firms in the nation, and he brings experience as both a public and private sector employee assuring that the project solutions are focused on meeting the needs of our Client’s and their projects. Mr. Farré has designed over 150 structures including continuous span steel and concrete bridges on curved alignments, major cut-and-cover tunnels, numerous retaining wall types, parking decks, sound barrier walls, and other miscellaneous highway structures. Mr. Farré’s design and field experience includes projects ranging from earthquake damaged structures, nuclear plant demolition, to large-scale tunnel demolition and other exciting and unique demolition experience. He has worked closely with Agencies, Private and Public Owners, the California Energy Commission, and other review agencies to successfully deliver both engineered plans and field support of large and mid-sized demolition projects throughout the United States. Mr. Farré has applied his past experience in advanced design and seismic analysis to lead the demolition industry in the development of new engineering analysis and demolition techniques to improve the level of APS safety and productivity of numerous demolition projects. Mr. Farré is proud to server as a member of the Nevada Task Force 1, U.S. Urban Search and Rescue Team as a structural specialist.

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